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Recognized Certificates Personal ID-Cert Class 8

This ID-Cert is issued to individuals to support Digital Signatures that purport to confirm the identities or other significant characteristics of the individuals who hold a particular key. It is issued to individuals who have attained the age of 18 years and who provide the necessary personal particulars requested by Digi-Sign as per the Subscriber Application form or the Renewal Request. For new application of Personal ID-Cert Class 8, such particulars will be checked against the information contained in one of the following documents for verification of the personal identity:

  • (A)Hong Kong permanent identity card;
  • (B)Hong Kong identity card;
  • (C)Valid travel document, indicating that the holder's limit of stay in Hong Kong has not expired.

Alternatively, for new application of Personal ID-Cert Class 8, the personal particulars as requested by Digi-Sign according to the Subscriber Application form may be made available to Digi-Sign through an Accredited Organization following the authorization of individuals concerned.

These certificates may be used for the same purposes as Personal ID-Cert Class 1 certificates in respect of authentication of the identity of the subscriber and the generation of the digital signature of the subscriber.

This Personal ID-Cert Class 8 participates in the mutual recognition scheme of certificates under the "Arrangement of mutual recognition of electronic signature certificates issued by Hong Kong and Guangdong".

For details of the latest mutual recognition status, please refer to the official Trust List of Certificate Types with Mutual Recognition Status published by the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province (GDEI). A copy of it is also maintained by the Office of the Government Chief information Officer (OGCIO). Their respective URLs are as below:

GDEI Website:


OGCIO Website


For details of the fees and charges of this ID-Cert, please click here.